Flower Girls


For a flower girl, weddings are a magical event.

Remember when you were young and dreaming about your wedding day? It probably involved a prince, a horse and a carriage. While those ideas are not really going to come true for many of us, I believe it is still our responsibility as the bride to make the day special for that imaginative little girl and make all her dreams come true. If she is old enough, she will probably remember your wedding for the rest of her life!

With that being said, I think a magical feeling starts with a dress. Next to you, she probably will be the biggest star of the ceremony, so your flower girl dress should make her feel just like a princess…none of those boring, plain numbers that I see in so many ceremonies…

Here are some adorable and princess- like options for your flower gir(s)!

Now don’t you think these are the cutest girls dresses you have ever seen? You can even tell the models feel like little princesses just wearing them for the photo shoot! I love them all, especially this last one – the veil just adds an adorable look! I can only imagine the cute pictures of the bride and flower girl together!


Wedding Party Gift Baskets

I am the queen of gift baskets.

I have fun selecting several items that I know a person will enjoy, theme or no theme, and package it up in a way that makes that person feel special.

So why not do the same for your wedding party? I don’t know how many weddings we have been to that have given monogrammed wedding party gifts. Does anyone truly enjoy those gifts? A monogrammed beer stein or cosmetic case? How many monogrammed items does a person really need? And they are NOT personal at all…it is like you had to get them something so you settled on a monogrammed “Janes Bridesmaid 2013″ shot glass?



Their are site like Gift Tree that offer baskets like the one shown above. Filled with beer, nuts and other snack…what groomsmen will say no to this?! I know my guy would Much rather have this than another monogrammed handkerchief!

Not only is a gift basket personal, or at least more FUN, but it can also save you TONS of money if you do it yourself. Many stores these days allow you to buy single beers in a 6-pack for a discounted rate. Buy a basket, a mixed 6-pack and a few snack items and you are set to go! You can probably get away with a very nice beer basket for under $25 if done yourself!

Need some more money saving tips?

Buy the baskets at a dollar store. If they look cheap and ugly, just spray paint them with one of your wedding colors! If you can’t find wicker baskets, opt for wrapping a small cardboard box. Just cut off the top and fill with tissue paper.

If you can’t find a store that allows you to mix individual beers, buy 2 or 3 packs of beer. Open and separate the beers between the groomsmen!

Individual snacks can be a bit pricey. Save a little money by buying a few lunch-size portion snack packs. These can be found at grocery stores or big box retailers like Walmart, Target or Costco. Not only can you give one of each kind to the groomsmen, but you will probably have some left over as snacks for yourself later! You may be able to find mixed boxes as well, allowing you to purchase fewer packages!

For girls, try items like flip flops, sunscreen or make-up items.

Something Old

When it come time for your special day, will you be planning to follow the old tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue”? If so, I hope you follow my next few posts as I discuss some options or ideas to help you decide what yours will be.

Many women believe that all of your items should come from other women. But I believe it should be something meaningful, no matter who it is from.

Here are a few suggestions for your Something Old:

  • If you are going traditional, think about using your moms dress. This could fulfill the something old and the something borrowed – unless she passes it down to you for future generations.
  • An old handkerchief from your father – maybe the one he used on his wedding day.
  • An old piece of jewelry – from a relative or maybe the first piece given to you by the groom.


  • An old photo of your parents, grandparents or any deceased family or friends that could not be at your special day. There are websites and shops on Etsy, such as 
    that make these photos (or a copy of the photo!) into tiny bouquet charms as shown above from Haley’s shop!
  • Do you have old plastic jewelry or something tiny you loved as a child? Think about using it as a hair pin (it can be hidden if you wish!) or tuck it into your dress.
  • An old photo of you and your groom could be transferred onto fabric and carried with you.
  • An old love letter from your groom or one your mother kept from your dad.


  • Use a vintage handkerchief to wrap your bouquet in! Learn how at Bumblebee Linens. If you don’t have one, ask your mom if she saved any napkins from her wedding day. I know my mother had their names and date engraved on their paper napkins. Just be sure to cover it in a clear silk or something similar if your hands are prone to sweat when you are nervous or the paper will probably stick to your hands!

    Do you have any idea to use as a Something Old? Share with us!


Your Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

There are so many things to consider for your big day!

Obviously, one of the biggest is looking your absolute best!

When it comes to hair styling, your dress, your wedding theme, your personality and your facial structure all have a part to play. You wouldn’t exactly want to go with a Bohemian hair style if your dress and event were all Super Formal. Or would you? That is your choice to make! Whatever your decision, you will be the star of the show!

Here are several styles to help you narrow down your choices.


This long and curly look with flowers all the way down feels simple yet not. The sort of half up half down effect frames the face showing all your best features.

See more about this look at Plectrumbanjo.com.


The flower off to one side has a vintage elegance when mixes with the small pearls and big curls. See more on this look at HairSummary.com.


If you are going for a very clean, put together up-stlye look, this is it! I love the way her bangs are perfectly arranged.  All those complicated knots make her look so regal and stunning. A true princess for the day! For more on this look, visit eweddinginspiration.com.

This would be so much fun to read while on your honeymoon!!! A quote book in place of a guest book! Have pages with cues such as “where do you see us in 10 years”, “how to be a good wife”, “how to be a good husband”, etc..there are so many good guest book ideas!!

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