A A Beautiful, Perfect Ring for wife-to-be!

We all have our tastes in wedding and engagement rings

Many of us may have had our hearts set on a specific style since we were little girls, while others of us may have searched and searched after (or before!!) finding our perfect guy. I admit to finding my ring BEFORE meeting my fiance! It’s not like I set out looking for it – I just happened to be looking at wedding magazines with an engaged friend of mine. I saw it and just knew… far different from my first meeting with my future husband. Ha Ha!

Finding a Wife Through Mail Order Brides

Mail order brides are becoming more popular these days. This has become an easy option for many men who want to meet women from different countries without spending thousands of dollars on the process. However, as the popularity of this service continues to rise, more people are wondering: "How much are mail order wives worth?"

The answer depends on several factors. Of course, one of them is the bride's nationality. If she belongs to an Asian country, she will be considered a mail order wife. Therefore, it is hard to estimate the exact numbers, but it is quite safe to say that mail-order brides may earn as much as 50% of what a typical American woman makes. So, how much are mail order wives worth and how much mail-order brides may be able to save in a normal marriage? It is very hard to estimate the numbers, but you can definitely spend thousands of dollars and marry a beautiful Asian lady.

Another factor that comes into play is the country the mail-order bride comes from. While some of the countries mentioned above allow people from certain countries to join, others do not. For instance, India does not accept members from the United Kingdom, nor does Mexico. In these cases, one has to join either an online dating site or a special type of dating site that caters only to members of certain countries.

Many men worry about the safety of their relationships with mail order wives. Many women from certain countries are thought to be either illegally or underweight. Therefore, one has to make sure that they know the girl very well before getting involved. Furthermore, one should not give out their home address in any sort of internet dating advertisement. Although many women have reported safety concerns, the truth is that most of the Mail Order Brides take absolutely great care of themselves and are in absolutely good physical condition.

One last thing to see about mail order wives is its "rate of reply rate". The rate of reply is used as a standard measurement for success. A positive rate of reply means that the mail order bride's profile is liked by many men. On the other hand, a low rate of reply means that the man may not get in touch with the mail order bride for several weeks or months. When looking at mail order brides reviews, one should take note of the mail order brides' "rate of reply rate", because this is one of the main indicators of how serious the mail order bride is about finding a husband.

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I always knew I wanted a ring that was not-so-classic. I am a tomboy at heart. I am not super fancy by any means. But that ring is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life, so it should really reflect your personality. For me, that meant a little funky, a little girly, a little vintage.


Photo Source: www.theknot.com

How to help a guy choose a ring for the bride?

Your guy might just surprise you with something he picked out for you, but chances are he knows what you have in mind by the time your engagement rolls around. Maybe you have tucked a picture of the ring into his wallet, maybe you plastered it all over his desktop computer screen, maybe you are nothing like me and have all the patience in the world to let him come to you and ask you all about your idea of the perfect ring!

Well, whatever your decision making process may be, I just had to show you this absolutely gorgeous ring (above) that I saw recently. It is made by Michael B. and is part of the Infinity collection. I love pave diamonds, and the twisted look is so original and fun! Not to mention that insane diamond on top!

I am happy with my chosen ring, but this would have made it as a runner up!

Fine-tune Your Wedding Details!

Many couple choose to have extremely short engagements.

But unless the couple (most likely, the bride!!) has had a vision of her big day for YEARS, or they hire a great wedding planner, I feel like the small details are lost in the excitement.

Because most brides go in to their big day having never planned a big ceremony, reception or even a party the size of their wedding, they may not stop and look at their decor and details from the guests perspective. And it truly is the small details that make your wedding day really rise above the rest! So close your eyes, visualize your big day…then stand back and look at it as if you were a guest or even the photographer! What details do you see?

Here are a few amazing touches that I absolutely Love… these details can work with Any color palette, but I chose Coral and Teal as an example.



Source: wonderfulweddingthemes

Many couples, especially at beach weddings, choose to have their bridal party wear sunglasses. I have seen each wearing their own personal pair, and I have seen each wearing black Wayfarer style glasses. But check out this wedding above and how Awesome this bridal party looks! This fun, colorful detail of guys and girls wearing opposites colored glasses creates an amazing photo op! Sure, many guys might not prefer coral/pink glasses, but Wow do they look great here!



Source: www.etsy.com LuckBridalDesigns

How about those sparkly details in your bouquet? Adding teal can be tricky as it is not a natural flower color. Sure, you can add ribbon, but don’t forget how much your hands will hide as you carry the bouquet down the aisle! If you are looking for that added bit of pop to your bouquet or floral arrangements, check out this stunning Hydrangea bouquet above from Etsy Shop LuckBridalDesigns. Those brooches are sophisticated, feminine, and will make your wedding day and photos really sparkle!



Source: www.etsy.com SimplyBrieDesigns

Your bridesmaids jewelry is also a great way to add your wedding theme and colors in a small, yet noticeable way. Especially with simple dresses, try to avoid the typical string of pearls (unless that is really your thing!). This is your chance to gift your bridesmaid a memorable piece of jewelry! I just love this little coral necklace by Etsy. A piece like this will really stand out, and would look great on all the special women during your big day…including the Mother of the Bride to the Grandmothers and YOU!

Be sure to really consider what your guests will be paying attention to by thinking of small details you have remembered from past weddings you have attended. These things seem minor, but really do create for a more memorable day!

Photo Booths that fit YOUR personality!

I absolutely adore photo boots at weddings.

You see, back in the old days, people would put disposable cameras on the table. Those work…sometimes. But more often than not, the cameras disappear in the trash cans during cleanup, or you get back a slew of photos that are poor quality or just plain ol’ boring! Your Uncle Joe decided to take a photo of every table in the distance, or your little Niece decided to take a photo of her shoes. All the drunk, fun crowd often walks away from the table, forgetting the camera even exists!

A photo booth is the fun stop for everyone, creating a lifetime of memories for you of your guests having a good time! Because the idea of random, funny pictures appeal to the old crowd, the youngest crowd and those who are tripping over themselves drunk…you get a range of pictures from cute to hilarious!

The cost of renting a booth is often more than the cost of your cake and dress combined, so making your own booth is a great cost-effective way to show your personality and creativity!


Photo: www.linesacross.com

Adding lots of fun elements, from picture frames to chalkboards to sunglasses will certainly give you the best photos. I recently attended a wedding where the bride and groom supplied funny sunglasses and plastic hats. That’s it. Clearly, the photos were monotonous as each group created the same smiling picture wearing hats and glasses. Think outside the box! Chalkboards allow for funny messages. Raid your Grandmothers jewelry box for some giant, vintage jewels (nothing worth money, though!) for added bling. Grab a few pair of old high heels from your closet or a thrift store…cute for little girls, hilarious for big men!


Photo: photoboothprops.net

Photo booths can be as classy or simple as you want. Both styles work well, it just depends what YOU are going for in the final photos. These white frames and beautiful wallpaper as shown above make a Very stylish photo that matches the wedding colors, and still has a ton of opportunities for your guests to get goofy from frame to frame. The photo below shows a nerdier side, obviously showing more about this couples style! Geeky, yes…but how can you resist taking some Awesome photos in a Mario themed booth? Like I said, any style of photo booth will work…it is a great opportunity to be expressive!


Photo: cheezburger.com

I just love this Mario booth!

If you have a great photo booth tip, be sure to let us know so we can share the idea with readers!

Your Wedding Cake Re-created…As an Ornament!

Pictures are great.

You can scrapbook them, hang them on the wall to share or shove them in a box in the back of a closet. Or, if you are like me, they are scattered all over your computer in disorganized files…or still sitting in your camera on the memory card!

Life has become so digital that we often forget to look back on those amazing memories we made with our friends and family. But when it comes to your wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular reminder of your special day? How about a miniature version of your carefully chosen, beautiful wedding cake?!

Aberrant Ornaments will make you a tiny replica of your cake – complete with an ornament hook! Hang it with your wedding photos, or pull it out with your Christmas decorations each and every year to remind you of your big day.

All you have to do is send photos of your cake, or a link to your online photo gallery, and they will create this miniature gem for you! If not for yourself, think about what a great gift this would make for newlyweds…or your parents or grandparents celebrating a big anniversary!

I am in love with this idea!

For more details, or to get started in creating your very own custom ornament, visit AberrantOrnaments.com.

sleeveless lace boat neck a line long prom formal dress

If you are looking for dresses, whether it be for brides, bridesmaids or even prom, check out a site called Gudeer.com. There are so many great options, many with free shipping available.

Found Here: www.gudeer.com

The dress shown here is one of my favorites. While it claims to be a prom dress on the site, I believe this would be an amazing gown for the maid of honor or even for the mother of the bride! The light green color would make for a beautiful choice for any of you looking to tie the knot this spring. The delicate lace boat neck top would blend in perfectly with a vintage or Victorian style wedding theme.
If you love this dress, consider finding a matching lace to use in your floral arrangements or bouquets. Lace can be very inexpensive when buying by the yard (check online or at your local fabric shops!) or at second hand stores. If going the thrift shop route, be sure to look through the scarves, blankets and tablecloths – any of these items should be able to be trimmed down to smaller sizes. Small bits of lace can also be used in boutonnieres, number signs for each table, or even the name plates for each guest!
Planning a wedding can be so difficult – there are so many small details to consider! I find that so many brides get caught up in the planning that they tend to get disorganized or cluttered with the style of their big day. Try stepping back for a minute and find just ONE thing that you absolutely love, such as this beautiful dress, and find little elements like the lace, the rhinestones, the flow of the fabric or the color to help you in planning those wedding details. I find that stepping back and focusing on just one thing can always help me to visualize on a larger scale. And we all know that weddings, whether big or small, are a very Large Scale event!
For more beautiful dresses, jewelry (the have some neat vintage- looking pieces that would go great with this dress!) and more with amazing prices, be sure to check out the image source, Gudeer.com!

A Halloween Wedding!

With Halloween just days away, I am betting that some of you are in the planning stages for a festive Halloween wedding in 2014! So with the haunted holiday in mind, today I wanted to share a few cute ideas for a fun fall or Halloween wedding.

While your big day can be as intensely creepy as you want it, with awesome black dresses or a cake that looks too scary to eat, a Halloween wedding can also be a regular, white wedding with just a few simple touches to add a little spooky fun. It is your day and you can dress it up as much as you want!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for those of you looking for small details for your big day:



Image: bhg.com

Lace covered pumpkins! What an amazing, pretty idea for the guest entry, the aisle or your centerpieces! While the white pumpkins are very pretty as shown here, you could also try painting the pumpkin to better suit your wedding colors. I think purple would look awesome!



Image: frog4evarelyongod.blogspot.com

Want to add a small bit of Halloween flair to your dresses? With long dresses, guests won’t even see these fun stockings until photo time, making for a traditional ceremony and a fun reception! Opt for short dresses if you want a more festive, light-hearted ceremony – either way, your guests will get a kick out of this look!



Image: HydraulicGraphix on Etsy

These awesome handmade invitations are a great option for a fall or Halloween themed wedding. This orange and brown coloring is quite pretty, but keep in mind that the designer will work with you to customize colors for your wedding. Visit the shop for more details!


A Geek Wedding!

Gone are the days where weddings HAD to be traditional, white and flowery.

This is great, because a white wedding isn’t for every couple. Some couples want to take the opportunity to share their big day in THEIR style… and I am all for creativity! If a traditional wedding is not your thing, use your day to make it 100% you, no matter what you are in to.

I have seen weddings that require a long hike to the wedding site for the outdoorsy couple, weddings that are full of poodle skirts and saddle shoes for the retro couple and even weddings that are all black, dark and mysterious for the gothic couple! Whatever you thing is, run with it. Don’t listen to others give their opinions – it is your day and your guests will appreciate celebrating in your style, no matter how random it may be!

One of my girl friends is an absolute nut about superheros. When I say nut, I mean absolutely obsessed with every movie, comic book and toy ever made. She even got excited when McDonald’s gave superhero toys in their Happy Meals! So when she got engaged a few months ago, I think everyone already knew what she had in mind! I am now helping her plan the Superhero, Geek wedding of a lifetime.

Here are some ideas worth considering!


Photo Source: greenweddingshoes

This is a fun idea for boutonnieres. While they do look fun plain, I might also consider having each figurine hold a small flower to add in a touch of the traditional wedding look. If you choose to go with the popular photo op where the bridesmaids open the groomsmens shirts to reveal superhero shirts, be sure to match up the shirt with the boutonniere!



Photo Source: potterybarnkids

Cupcakes are still a popular wedding choice – but how about opting instead for these Cakelets? These are a great DIY idea if you are into cake making, or know a friend who is. This Marvel Cakelet pan is made by Nordic Ware. Imagine how awesome these would be to serve to your guests! Each hero could even be a different flavor of cake.



Photo Source: creativeweddings.ca

Some couples don’t want to go all out in the nerd (or any other) theme, but still want a presence of it there. Make a great photo op by adding a few small touches like these groomsmen with their superhero socks!


Whatever you do for your big day, just remember one thing: it is YOUR day… don’t let anyone else tell you what you should or should not do! It is your dream day and you should have everything you have ever dreamed of!

Cascading Bouquet

Wow, just wanted to show you this exquisite cascading bouquet!

I love the use of tropical flowers in any wedding. But adding a cascade of beads is what makes this bridal bouquet just absolutely stunning.

Looking to make you bouquet in advance? Think about getting silk or ceramic orchid flowers to create this look.

How about your bridesmaids and groomsman? Make them match by adding one orchid with some crystal hairpins in each of the ladies hairstyles and a short, but cascading boutonniere for the men. Mothers or the bride and groom can have the same, elegant look with corsages.

Don’t stop at the ceremony! Use the same crystal style beaded wire in your table arrangements, or add them directly into the vases. Also think about adding the same look to your cake!

Announcing You Have Eloped

Many people find that announcing an elopement is difficult.

But the truth is, you should treat an elopement announcement just like a wedding invitation – minus the RSVP card. Instead of a card with directions to the event and a response envelope, consider adding a photo of the two of you on your big day. Don’t forget to let people know where you traveled, if it was somewhere amazing!

Some people find a few close friends and relatives might be offended they were not invited to your big day. For that reason, be sure they know that your special day was just the two of you. You may want to add a line about how you wanted an intimate ceremony to share the love the two of you have to make people understand it was not your intention to leave them out! If you will be hosting a post-wedding BBQ or ceremony, let them know an invitation will be coming soon – or add the date and time to the card.

Here are some great options to consider for elope announcements:



From: Etsy shop inoroutmedia



From: delightinvite.com



From: echoletterpress.com



From: upupcreative.com


With eloping announcements, you can get creative with your style as a couple. Be funny, be romantic, be vintage, be daring – your friends and family know your personality and this is a great opportunity to have some fun! Just be happy!

Cold Feet!

No bride should be worried about her groom getting cold feet on the big day.

How do you prepare for the possibility? Get him some socks!!

Cold Feet socks are a super cute gesture to let your husband-to-be know that you are thinking about him and can’t wait to get down the aisle and say “I DO!”. You can purchase these socks pre-made online, or use a tutorial with free downloads to create a sock package wrap… all options are shown below. If you are extra creative, customize it to make a personal little joke about the two of you or just add a note to tell him that you can’t wait to kiss him once you come down the aisle!



Image: Etsy Shop Trunkoflove

These socks, from Etsy Shop Trunkoflove are all set to wear! The shop also offers socks for the best man, father of the groom, etc as well as other personalized items like customized underwear!! Contact the shop owner for customized options.




Source: www.theprettyblog.com

Click on the image source above for the download to create this nicely designed sock wrap.




Image: somethingturquoise.com

Another great sock wrap tutorial. I love the vintage, silhouette look here mixed with the stylish socks. Don’t forget to include socks that match your wedding colors!




Source: Etsy TheYardBarnShop

If your groom isn’t into socks, be sure he warms up in other ways. Attach a small bottle of his favorite liquor to this adorable shot glass above that can be saved and used for years to come! Check with the shop owner for customized options and lots of other great etched products!

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