A Beautiful, Perfect Ring!

We all have our tastes in wedding and engagement rings.

Many of us may have had our hearts set on a specific style since we were little girls, while others of us may have searched and searched after (or before!!) finding our perfect guy. I admit to finding my ring BEFORE meeting my fiance! It’s not like I set out looking for it – I just happened to be looking at wedding magazines with an engaged friend of mine. I saw it and just knew… far different from my first meeting with my future husband. Ha Ha!

I always knew I wanted a ring that was not-so-classic. I am a tomboy at heart. I am not super fancy by any means. But that ring is something that you have to live with for the rest of your life, so it should really reflect your personality. For me, that meant a little funky, a little girly, a little vintage.


Photo Source: www.theknot.com

Your guy might just surprise you with something he picked out for you, but chances are he knows what you have in mind by the time your engagement rolls around. Maybe you have tucked a picture of the ring into his wallet, maybe you plastered it all over his desktop computer screen, maybe you are nothing like me and have all the patience in the world to let him come to you and ask you all about your idea of the perfect ring!

Well, whatever your decision making process may be, I just had to show you this absolutely gorgeous ring (above) that I saw recently. It is made by Michael B. and is part of the Infinity collection. I love pave diamonds, and the twisted look is so original and fun! Not to mention that insane diamond on top!

I am happy with my chosen ring, but this would have made it as a runner up!

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