Fine-tune Your Wedding Details!

Many couple choose to have extremely short engagements.

But unless the couple (most likely, the bride!!) has had a vision of her big day for YEARS, or they hire a great wedding planner, I feel like the small details are lost in the excitement.

Because most brides go in to their big day having never planned a big ceremony, reception or even a party the size of their wedding, they may not stop and look at their decor and details from the guests perspective. And it truly is the small details that make your wedding day really rise above the rest! So close your eyes, visualize your big day…then stand back and look at it as if you were a guest or even the photographer! What details do you see?

Here are a few amazing touches that I absolutely Love… these details can work with Any color palette, but I chose Coral and Teal as an example.


Many couples, especially at beach weddings, choose to have their bridal party wear sunglasses. I have seen each wearing their own personal pair, and I have seen each wearing black Wayfarer style glasses. But check out this wedding above and how Awesome this bridal party looks! This fun, colorful detail of guys and girls wearing opposites colored glasses creates an amazing photo op! Sure, many guys might not prefer coral/pink glasses, but Wow do they look great here!


How about those sparkly details in your bouquet? Adding teal can be tricky as it is not a natural flower color. Sure, you can add ribbon, but don’t forget how much your hands will hide as you carry the bouquet down the aisle! If you are looking for that added bit of pop to your bouquet or floral arrangements, check out this stunning Hydrangea bouquet above from Etsy Shop LuckBridalDesigns. Those brooches are sophisticated, feminine, and will make your wedding day and photos really sparkle!


Your bridesmaids jewelry is also a great way to add your wedding theme and colors in a small, yet noticeable way. Especially with simple dresses, try to avoid the typical string of pearls (unless that is really your thing!). This is your chance to gift your bridesmaid a memorable piece of jewelry! I just love this little coral necklace by SimplyBrieDesigns on Etsy. A piece like this will really stand out, and would look great on all the special women during your big day…including the Mother of the Bride to the Grandmothers and YOU!

Be sure to really consider what your guests will be paying attention to by thinking of small details you have remembered from past weddings you have attended. These things seem minor, but really do create for a more memorable day!

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