Photo Booths that fit YOUR personality!

I absolutely adore photo boots at weddings.

You see, back in the old days, people would put disposable cameras on the table. Those work…sometimes. But more often than not, the cameras disappear in the trash cans during cleanup, or you get back a slew of photos that are poor quality or just plain ol’ boring! Your Uncle Joe decided to take a photo of every table in the distance, or your little Niece decided to take a photo of her shoes. All the drunk, fun crowd often walks away from the table, forgetting the camera even exists!

A photo booth is the fun stop for everyone, creating a lifetime of memories for you of your guests having a good time! Because the idea of random, funny pictures appeal to the old crowd, the youngest crowd and those who are tripping over themselves drunk…you get a range of pictures from cute to hilarious!

The cost of renting a booth is often more than the cost of your cake and dress combined, so making your own booth is a great cost-effective way to show your personality and creativity!

Adding lots of fun elements, from picture frames to chalkboards to sunglasses will certainly give you the best photos. I recently attended a wedding where the bride and groom supplied funny sunglasses and plastic hats. That’s it. Clearly, the photos were monotonous as each group created the same smiling picture wearing hats and glasses. Think outside the box! Chalkboards allow for funny messages. Raid your Grandmothers jewelry box for some giant, vintage jewels (nothing worth money, though!) for added bling. Grab a few pair of old high heels from your closet or a thrift store…cute for little girls, hilarious for big men!

Photo booths can be as classy or simple as you want. Both styles work well, it just depends what YOU are going for in the final photos. These white frames and beautiful wallpaper as shown above make a Very stylish photo that matches the wedding colors, and still has a ton of opportunities for your guests to get goofy from frame to frame. The photo below shows a nerdier side, obviously showing more about this couples style! Geeky, yes…but how can you resist taking some Awesome photos in a Mario themed booth? Like I said, any style of photo booth will work…it is a great opportunity to be expressive!

I just love this Mario booth!

If you have a great photo booth tip, be sure to let us know so we can share the idea with readers!

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