Your Wedding Cake Re-created…As an Ornament!

Pictures are great.

You can scrapbook them, hang them on the wall to share or shove them in a box in the back of a closet. Or, if you are like me, they are scattered all over your computer in disorganized files…or still sitting in your camera on the memory card!

Life has become so digital that we often forget to look back on those amazing memories we made with our friends and family. But when it comes to your wedding, wouldn’t it be nice to have a regular reminder of your special day? How about a miniature version of your carefully chosen, beautiful wedding cake?!

Aberrant Ornaments will make you a tiny replica of your cake – complete with an ornament hook! Hang it with your wedding photos, or pull it out with your Christmas decorations each and every year to remind you of your big day.

All you have to do is send photos of your cake, or a link to your online photo gallery, and they will create this miniature gem for you! If not for yourself, think about what a great gift this would make for newlyweds…or your parents or grandparents celebrating a big anniversary!

I am in love with this idea!

For more details, or to get started in creating your very own custom ornament, visit

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