A Geek Wedding!

Gone are the days where weddings HAD to be traditional, white and flowery.

This is great, because a white wedding isn’t for every couple. Some couples want to take the opportunity to share their big day in THEIR style… and I am all for creativity! If a traditional wedding is not your thing, use your day to make it 100% you, no matter what you are in to.

I have seen weddings that require a long hike to the wedding site for the outdoorsy couple, weddings that are full of poodle skirts and saddle shoes for the retro couple and even weddings that are all black, dark and mysterious for the gothic couple! Whatever you thing is, run with it. Don’t listen to others give their opinions – it is your day and your guests will appreciate celebrating in your style, no matter how random it may be!

One of my girl friends is an absolute nut about superheros. When I say nut, I mean absolutely obsessed with every movie, comic book and toy ever made. She even got excited when McDonald’s gave superhero toys in their Happy Meals! So when she got engaged a few months ago, I think everyone already knew what she had in mind! I am now helping her plan the Superhero, Geek wedding of a lifetime.

Here are some ideas worth considering!


Photo Source: greenweddingshoes

This is a fun idea for boutonnieres. While they do look fun plain, I might also consider having each figurine hold a small flower to add in a touch of the traditional wedding look. If you choose to go with the popular photo op where the bridesmaids open the groomsmens shirts to reveal superhero shirts, be sure to match up the shirt with the boutonniere!



Photo Source: potterybarnkids

Cupcakes are still a popular wedding choice – but how about opting instead for these Cakelets? These are a great DIY idea if you are into cake making, or know a friend who is. This Marvel Cakelet pan is made by Nordic Ware. Imagine how awesome these would be to serve to your guests! Each hero could even be a different flavor of cake.



Photo Source: creativeweddings.ca

Some couples don’t want to go all out in the nerd (or any other) theme, but still want a presence of it there. Make  a great photo op by adding a few small touches like these groomsmen with their superhero socks!


Whatever you do for your big day, just remember one thing: it is YOUR day… don’t let anyone else tell you what you should or should not do! It is your dream day and you should have everything you have ever dreamed of!

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