Wedding Party App

I have been to weddings that have handed out cards that ask guests to upload their photos to specific sites. I have also received this request in thank you notes sent by the newly weds after their big day. But every time I go to upload my photos, I notice that I am one of very few people who have actually taken the time to upload my photos.

The truth is, uploading to sites is kind of a hassle.

You might get one or two photos posted to social media sites, but the majority of photos that people take at a wedding will never be seen by the new couple!

That is why I am SO excited to hear about a FREE app called Wedding Party.

The app allows the couple to add the details of their wedding, including directions, times, etc. Guests just download the app to their phone, and instantly share their photos to your custom site! Put out a couple reminders for guests to get the app in the ceremony entrance, wedding program, the bar at the reception, etc. and you are sure to collect WAY more photos of your big day! The app also allows guests to make notes on the images and guestbook. This app is also great for family and friends who couldn’t make it – they can view the images on their phones and computers as well! This is a no-brainer addition to your wedding plans.

What an AWESOME idea!

Visit Wedding Party App for more details!

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