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I talked a little bit about Flower Girls yesterday (if you did not get a chance to see it, visit this post), so thought I would give some Ring Bearer ideas today.

While Ring Bearers are not usually as in to their “job” ¬†as flower girls, it is still an opportunity to make the little guy feel like a super stud. From my experience, a wedding for a little boy is pretty much the most boring of events – Unless you make them feel important. The more you make him feel his job is the “biggest in the Whole wedding”, the better a job he will do.

So why not go completely overboard in making this little guy feel as awesome as possible?!

Here are some ideas that will make your Ring Bearer(s) feel like he is the biggest little stud at your ceremony:


Image – lover.ly



Image From – Etsy Shop Babyimage



Image From – Style Me Pretty


Image From – Personalization Mall


Image From – Bridal Party Tees


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