Flower Girls


For a flower girl, weddings are a magical event.

Remember when you were young and dreaming about your wedding day? It probably involved a prince, a horse and a carriage. While those ideas are not really going to come true for many of us, I believe it is still our responsibility as the bride to make the day special for that imaginative little girl and make all her dreams come true. If she is old enough, she will probably remember your wedding for the rest of her life!

With that being said, I think a magical feeling starts with a dress. Next to you, she probably will be the biggest star of the ceremony, so your flower girl dress should make her feel just like a princess…none of those boring, plain numbers that I see in so many ceremonies…

Here are some adorable and princess- like options for your flower gir(s)!

Now don’t you think these are the cutest girls dresses you have ever seen? You can even tell the models feel like little princesses just wearing them for the photo shoot! I love them all, especially this last one – the veil just adds an adorable look! I can only imagine the cute pictures of the bride and flower girl together!


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